Friday, 2 December 2011

My Silent Birth (and water birth) Story

My daughter was born on the 25/11/11 at 39 weeks and 6 days gestation. It was perfect timing, with it being my husband's first day off and my midwife's first day back on after her days off.

My labour started at approximately 7pm and my daughter was born at 9.42pm, weighing 8 pounds and half an ounce. A nice, short, two and a half hour labour without any drugs.

I didn't end up having a completely silent birth - however I did have a very quiet birth. I spent the majority of the labour, once I arrived at the hospital, in the huge bath tub in the birthing centre room. I closed my eyes and relaxed, floating in the bath. It was an awesome feeling.

However my daughter turned posterior during labour and the actual birth was quite painful - she had to be pulled out at the end and left me with a nice tear in the same place as my first daughter. Luckily it didn't require as many stitches this time. I loved the water during the labour but the position while pushing her out made it take several contractions before pushing her out (with my previous daughter I was standing up for the birth and I think that gravity helped her come out in just two contractions.)

She is a very happy, quiet and relaxed baby, unlike her older sister. She rarely cries, and when she does, it's only for a few seconds.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

36 Weeks, And all Set To Go for Silent Birth

Tomorrow I'll be 36 weeks. Last week I had my ultrasound which confirmed that my low lying placenta has now moved up to 6cm, so I'm all set for a natural birth (baby willing!)

Last week I also discussed  my full birth plan with my midwife - basically the goal is to have no talking and no touching unless there is a good reason.

Unlike my first pregnancy, I'm feeling a lot more under the weather this time. I'm experiencing acid reflux most nights, my morning sickness has come back and I am feeling very big compared to the first time around. Add to that a toddler who is about to turn two, several local groups I run, finishing my last university assignment and keeping up with the house and I'm sure you can imagine how exhausted I feel!

I guess now I just get to start playing the waiting game. My first daughter was 8 days overdue so I have a feeling this one won't be in a hurry to arrive either. My midwife won't induce unless I'm at least two weeks overdue, so at the latest this baby may arrive around mid December - although earlier than that would be very nice!